Mid Twenties and Single? Heres Why.

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So you’re a couple of years out of college, have a decent job (better than most anyways) and are relatively decent looking to at least have hooked up with a girl or two during college…drunk anyways. A lot of your friends around you are playing the game, yet with a less par starting roster: worse job, dress like slobs and even slightly overweight. Yet they seem to have found a girl who can a) stand them on a weekly basis and b) fucks them regularly (not the most important reason to have a girlfriend, but hey you’re at your sexual prime and those random boners won’t last forever). So why exactly are they right where they should be and you’re stuck at home watching another Law and Order rerun on TnT? (Warning, the following may force you to get off your ass before you can tap that ass)

Step away from the distractions


o The hour a day you spend scoping girls on Facebook or playing Halo 3 aren’t getting you closer to polishing your charm or improving your game (with girls anyways). You can do those things once you’ve found the woman. o You don’t need to go to community church or bingo night at the community center, but in order to meet women, you need to be around women. Go to the gym, order food takeout instead of delivery, take a class at the local junior college, whatever. Clubs and bars are an obvious way to meet woman as well, but if it were that easy to convert girls at those places into something substantial I wouldn’t be here writing this. One of my friends met his girlfriend while walking his dog on the beach while another met one during an SAT prep session. Yes SAT prep blows ass, but if you recognize you could get ass while also improving your life, you’re in good shape.

Ask girls out (no, I’m serious)

o If a nerdy sixteen your old asian kid can get 10 million youtube hits, you can’t ask out a girl who represents 50% of the population? Most guys complain about woman or read about how to suave girls at bars or what to buy, but they never do the obvious. Ask the fucking girl out on a date. You’re not in college, and trying to get a girl drunk at a frat party isn’t cool anymore, its rape. Next time you meet a girl you like, or are stalking an old one on facebook, think about saying “Hey you free this Friday? Want to grab a drink?” If she’s bored enough to read it (probably sooner than you think), she’s probably down to at least entertain the idea of sleeping with you. o Bitch all you want about how a bunch of dudes get girls, but recognize most of them probably just used what they learned on a bad episode of Friends.

Hang out with girls, even family members

o Most guys who have at least seen a vagina know that in order to get girls, it helps to be around girls. Chances are if you’re like me, you’ve made friends with girls you were too scared to ask out or were unavailable and now you’ve been made into their bitch guy friend who hears all their sob stories about other guys they’ve screwed. As much as this sucks, use it to your advantage. Girls at clubs and bars are much more likely to approach you or let you approach them if they see at least one chick in your crew. o If your girl friends are cool, ask them about all the girls they hang out with. If you’re scared of getting rejected, just have a girl friend ask her other single friend “what she thinks about you” and have her report back. In the worst case, that friend will never know you’re the one who asked. Hopefully you’ve grown some balls not to care by this point anyways.

Don’t buy the $95 striped Armani Xchange shirt

o Expensive jeans, shopping at French connection or having a nice cell phone doesn’t get you laid, it gets you poor. While I’m all for nice things, as the famous comedian Dave Chappelle one said “Guy’s don’t like nice cars, guys buy nice cars cause girls like nice cars. If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he would.” Instead of spending half your paycheck on fancy shaving cream or an outrageously expensive apartment, try flirting with girls at work, the supermarket, the gym, whatever. Smalltalk is free, and guess what, it gives you confidence more so than getting shot down with a $100 shirt on. I’ve seen many nights seeing girls go home with douchebags in $40 wal mart jeans while I cried in my sevens. It doesn’t matter what you wear, trust me. o Also, if you spend more than $50 on a simple tshirt, whether it has some skulls and crossbones or jewels on it, you need to get shot.

Stop blaming the completion

o Because a lot of our readers aren’t white, I’m going to state the obvious: White dudes aren’t stealing your woman (in regards to Asian dudes). Their simply filling a void in the market, created by you when you went home to play Halo 3 instead of asking the cute girl who was in class today to be in your study group. People love to complain about how white/tall/rich/good looking guys get all the girls. Guess what, there’s plenty of guys outside those categories pulling tail. Those guys don’t have …they have balls. Whether it’s chatting up your waitress, asking out strangers, even smiling at the girl in the elevator to see if she smiles back, stop being jealous of other peoples confidence and build your own.

Danger: Do not enter the Friend zone

Most "nice guys" think they're making progress when they strike up a friendship with a girl they met in class, at the gym or on the street. They likely figure that women are rational people, that they will grow to like them once they've had the opportunity to spend some time with them. Anyone who subscribes to this belief is living in a self-delusional fantasyland. What usually happens is that you'll ask a girl to "hang out" with you (big mistake -- see the language section below) and she'll agree, thinking she enjoyed your first conversation and you seem like an interesting person. So you meet at the coffee shop close to campus or you might even meet up for dinner. Within a few weeks, she's telling you what an asshole her new boyfriend is and instead of dropping her you believe..to be con't.... It seems to be the case that the older that women get, the more likely they are to be interested in converting their friendships into relationships. But unless you're planning on turning that 30-year-old you just met at the DMV into your future wife, avoid the friend zone and embrace game playing. Ignore the Power of Language at your own Peril Hang out vs. go out to dinner with. etc.

Work on your physical appeal

o There’s a reason I mentioned this last, mainly because it’s the least important but definitely helps with confidence, which is what hopefully all the other points helps you build. You don’t need to go out and buy $200 jeans, but can easily improve certain characteristics that will get you noticed. There are very few people in this world who are truly ugly, and chances are you’re not one of them.

§ If you’re fat, lose some weight. Get off the laptop fatty.

§ If you have pimples, go buy some Benzoyl Peroxide. Pimples aren’t a total deal breaker, trust me I get them all the time. But clear skin helps my confidence, so when I’m talking to a girl I’m not concerned with if she’s scoping out my zit or my dashing good looks.

§ Bald? Don’t hide it, embrace it.

§ Although the brands of clothes don’t matter, style definitely does. Girls will notice nappy shoes, body odor or basic hygiene. Try not to look like every douche at the bar, but try to stand out. I went out to a club once and wore an orange tie. Cost me $4 at a thrift store, and my guy friends all made fun of it while they wore their $75 dress shirts. At the end of the night, I had at least talked to 4 chicks while they each circle jerked each other at the bar. Meeting girls isn’t rocket science, it’s a basic fundamental process like riding a bike or getting a job. Yes it might seem overly complicated at first but you have to remember, if a billion dickheads did it before you, why can’t you? There’s millions of girls sitting out there, reading gossip websites or working at Victoria Secret making $12 hour who want a boyfriend just as bad as you don’t want another night in the living room, so grow some balls, ignore the bullshit Hollywood and the mainstream media has thrown at you and get out there and get laid.