Still single and you're 26: Five quick things you should stop doing.

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If you're still single and older than 25, chances are the clock is ticking.  Your friends are slowly going to get married around you, and you need to ask yourself what you really want out of life.  A better job, a girlfriend, kids, maybe all of the above?  In any case, sitting around at bars on Friday and Saturday and watching football/facebook on Sunday isn't helping your cause.
1) Getting drunk at bars/clubs.  While most of us say we're going for the "music" or to "hang out with friends", let's cut the bullshit.  There's better music on Pandora and you don't need loud techno music in your ear to enjoy conversations.  Most of us are here to meet chicks, and at least attempt to flirt with them.  Being the drunk sweaty douche bag isn't helping your case. 
Try to sober up and have normal conversations with the ladies.  
2) Wasting your sunday.  Instead of sitting around at home all day, ask a girl to kick it with you at the mall, run some errands, grab some yogurt or even watch a movie.  Friday and Saturday's aren't your only days to impress the ladies.  You'll also be seen as more active and sociable.
Get off your ass, do things with your day.
3) Getting scared to admit you're single.  You don't have to sign up for e-harmony tomorrow, but start with the baby steps.  Make sure your facebook says your single (if you're embarrassed about that, you have bigger problems), your friends know you're single, and most importantly, grow some balls and ask girls out occasionally.
All your friends who have girlfriends recognized this at some point.
4) Quit thinking you're 21.  Texting, facebook pokes and bragging about how much you can drink are all things that worked in college, not anymore.  You're an adult.  Learn how to make a phone call with out getting nervous.  Learn how to say "Hey, you want to grab dinner sometime?"  Texting may still be ok to start, but the main point is you need to recognize you're an adult.  IM flirting on AIM is long tone.
5) Get off the self help websites.  While I'm all for visitors, remember you need to get off your ass and most importantly off the computer.  The girls aren't gonna appear out of nowhere.